woodstock: 50  years anniversary edition
Spring 2019

ISBN13: 978-454933366

HB - 292 x 248 mm

250 full-colour Illustrations



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50th Anniversary Edition

Three Days that Rocked the World
by Mike Evans and Paul Kingsbury Foreword by Martin Scorsese

The book

A special 50th anniversary edition of our lavishly illustrated ultimate guide to Woodstock, with a day-by-day, act-by-act account of everything that went down on Yasgur’s farm—along with interviews and quotes from those who were there.


Fifty years ago, in August 1969, drenched by torrential rain and ankle-deep in mud, half a million-people gathered in a field on a dairy farm in upstate New York to participate in what has since been recognized as the most significant and inspiring musical event of its kind: a landmark that defined a generation. Woodstock was the ultimate expression of the hippie ethos and youth-led counterculture. It was also, in retrospect, its glorious, anarchic swan song.

Woodstock made headline news across the world: the success of the subsequent movie perpetuated the mythology, and this new edition considers the legacy from the perspective of five decades later, providing a summary of where the surviving performers are now. 

New and contemporary interviews and quotes from those who were there—the musicians and managers, fans and photographers, organizers and technicians—provide a unique commentary throughout the book. Packed with anecdotes and backstage gossip (Joan Baez sent a cup of tea to calm a nervous Melanie, and Janis Joplin finished all the bagels), as well as a wealth of photographs and graphic memorabilia — many never before published — Woodstock is the definitive guide to the “Three Days of Peace & Music.” 


A musician on the ’60s rock scene, Mike Evans began writing about popular music in the ’70s as a broadcaster on local radio, freelance author, and regular contributor to Melody Maker. Since the late ’80s he has worked in book publishing, commissioning and editing titles on rock ’n’ roll, jazz, and popular culture. His previous books include: The Rock ’N’ Roll Age (Readers Digest, 2007); From Kerouac to Kesey: An Illustrated Journey through the Beat Generation (Running Press, 2007), The Beatles Literary Anthology (Plexus Publishing, 2004), and Elvis: A Celebration (DK Publishing, 2002).


Paul Kingsbury is a freelance writer and editor specializing in music journalism, and the former Deputy Director of Special Projects for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including The Grand Ole Opry History of Country Music (Villard/Random House, 1995) and Vinyl Hayride: Country Music Album Covers, 1947–1989 (Chronicle, 2003). He served as a consulting editor to the Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music (Billboard Books, 2003). Kingsbury’s articles have appeared in Entertainment Weekly, US Weekly, American Songwriter, Country Music, Guitar World Acoustic, Nashville Life, Nashville Scene, The Journal of Country Music, and numerous other publications.