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50 two-colour & b&w Illustrations



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Market: Science, Popular Culture

The Traveller's Guide

by James M. Russell

The book

In our minds we really can travel to infinity and beyond…

This book tells you everything you would need to know about a trip to infinity, via your imagination, reality and everyday objects and ideas. Starting with your first glimpse of the infinite in the numbers you learned at school, you’ll travel on through the history of how mathematicians and philosophers came to understand that infinity could be real, and the theoretical landscape that it came to define.

Activities for your journey to infinity could include anything from recreating an M.C.Escher engraving (with an infinite border) to visiting Hilbert’s Hotel  and from visiting the Sierpinski Carpet store to the Library of Babel, which contains every single text that ever has or ever will be written.


Also included are special features such as lists of ‘What Not To Miss In Infinity’, ‘Top Ten Favourite Excursions’, and ‘Infinity in Popular Culture’.


James M. Russell is the author of A Brief Guide to Philosophical Classics and A Brief Guide to Spiritual Classics.  He has a philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge, a post-graduate qualification in critical theory, and has taught at the Open University in the UK.

September 2018