The Traveller's Guide
The Traveller's Guide
The Traveller's Guide
The Traveller's Guide
The Traveller's Guide
Traveller's Guide: Centre of the Earth

ISBN13: 9781786750594

HB  - 180 x 132mm

50 two-colour & b&w Illustrations



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Market: Science, Popular Culture

The Traveller's Guide

The Centre of the Earth
by Dougal Jerram

The book

What if we could tunnel to the centre of the Earth?

This book tells you everything you would need to know about a trip to the planet’s core, with the proposed journey to be made using an ingenious Centre-Pod drilling vehicle. Starting with your first entry through the earth’s mantle, at a boundary in the tectonic plates, you’ll travel on through the geological layers to reach the twin layers of the earth’s core.

Activities for your holiday could include anything from exploring a volcano to hunting for diamonds under the cratons, and from discovering what it’s like at the hypocentre of an earthquake to riding up a mantle plume on your return journey.

Also included are special features such as lists of ‘What Not To Miss At The Earth’s Core’, ‘Top Ten Favourite Excursions’, and ‘The Centre of the Earth in Popular Culture’.


Dougal Jerram is the director of DougalEARTH Ltd., and holds a Professor II research position at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at the University of Oslo. He is known as ‘Dr Volcano’ from his appearances on the BBC, and he has published extensively in scientific journals, and has written the popular Introducing Volcanology; A guide to Hot Rocks.

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