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The Traveller's Guide

The Big Bang
by Joel Levy

The book

Imagine you could travel back in time to see the Big Bang…

This book tells you everything you would need to know about
a trip to the birth of the universe. Starting with an
explanation of which time travel devices might take you
there, you’ll travel on through a detailed look at the first few
picoseconds of expansion, the formation of atoms and
molecules, and the birth of the first stars.

Activities for your holiday could include anything from
exploring the ‘Dark Ages’, a visit to the Cosmic Renaissance,
and a rare opportunity to explore the higher dimensions in
the Planck Era.

Also included are special features such as lists of ‘What Not
To Miss At The Big Bang, ‘What to Do in a 2 Picosecond
Visit’ and ‘Echoes of the Big Bang in the Universe Today.’


Joel Levy is a writer and journalist specialising in science
and the history of science. His writing explores both
mainstream science and weird technology, from chemistry
and physics to death-rays and biomimetic robots. After
taking degrees in molecular biology and psychology at
Warwick and Edinburgh, he has gone on to write more
than twenty books, including The Infinite Tortoise,
exploring thought experiments and paradoxes; Scientific
Feuds: From Galileo to the Human Genome Project
Newton’s Notebook, the life, times and discoveries of the
greatest scientist in history; and A Curious History of
, chronicling the big ideas in mathematics
from early number concepts to chaos theory.

September 2018