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The Cure : A Perfect Dream

ISBN13: 978786750402

HB - 292 x 248 mm

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ebook: 9781786751058

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The Cure

A Perfect Dream
by Ian Gittins

The book

The Cure’s story is a fantastical pop fable, but their trajectory has not been one of unbroken success. Along the way, their uneven, uneasy pop odyssey has taken in fierce intra-band tensions and fall-outs, numerous line-up changes and even a bitter court case that saw original group members feuding over payments and ownership of the band’s name. 

There has been alcoholism, substance abuse and countless long, dark nights of the soul, many of which have been translated into luscious dark-rock symphonies. From gawky teenage art-punks in Crawley to gnomic, venerable rock royalty with 30 million record sales to their name, their journey has been a scarcely believable, vivid pop hallucination.

A Perfect Dream is the tall tale of a truly unique British pop entity. It’s the story of The Cure.


Ian Gittins has interviewed and reviewed The Cure during a 30-year career as a music writer on titles such as Melody Maker, Time Out, Q and the Guardian. He is the co-author with Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx of the 2007 New York Times best-seller The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star. He lives in London. 

The perfect read to celebrate four decades of lipstick-smeared greatness. Gittins' research is impeccable.

 - Classic Rock Magazine