Holy Cow! by Charles Saatchi

ISBN13: 9781786750259

HB - 240 x 178 mm

40 full-colour Illustrations


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Market: Popular Culture, The Arts

Holy Cow!

Charles Saatchi in the Evening Standard
by Charles Saatchi

The book

For this new book, Evening Standard readers have selected their favourite articles by Charles Saatchi from his weekly column based on striking photographs.

Alongside these startling images are stories, facts, and hidden histories, written in Saatchi’s entertaining succinct style.

His previous bestselling books include Beyond Belief: The Golden Age of Madison Avenue, Known Unknowns, Dead: A Celebration of Mortality, Naked Eye, Be The Worst You Can Be and My Name Is Charles Saatchi and I’m An Artoholic in which he answered questions from journalists, critics and members of the public with brutally frank candour.


Charles Saatchi has been one of the moving forces of the modern age. He is the most important art collector of our time and he has vigorously shaped the contemporary art scene while, 

contradictorily, remaining a reclusive, even elusive figure who famously refuses to be interviewed. He was selected by the BBC as one of 60 ‘New Elizabethans’ who have most influenced the past 60 years. 

Charles Saatchi founded the global advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi in 1970 which grew to become the largest agency in the world. At the same time Saatchi began collecting art and later opened his first gallery, a 30,000 square foot ex-paint factory in Boundary Road, London. His exhibitions have always focused on contemporary artists and Saatchi’s Sensation exhibition of young British artists in 1997 at the Royal Academy, London and at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York sparked an explosion of controversy.

The 70,000 square foot Saatchi Gallery in the Duke of York’s HQ Kings Road is one of the largest showcases of contemporary art in the world. It has hosted ten of the fifteen most visited exhibitions in London and is amongst the five most popular museums in the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.

A fascinating and thoroughly rewarding collection. 

 - New Statesman