The Forking Trolley
The Forking Trolley
The Forking Trolley
The Forking Trolley
The Forking Trolley
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The Forking Trolley

An Ethical Journey to The Good Place
by James M. Russell

The book

A new armchair guide to ethics and moral philosophy, from the trolley problem to the balloon debate. Inspired by the hugely popular Netflix sitcom The Good Place, which uses a comic format to examine moral dilemmas and schools of ethical thought, this is a brief tour of the main issues that face humans when we try to “do the right thing”.


Using traditional and modern thought experiments, as well as 21st century dilemmas from the etiquette of texting to the narcissism of “selfie” culture, here is everything you need to know about reaching a good place in life.


James M. Russell has a philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge, a post-graduate qualification in critical theory, and has taught at the Open University in the UK. He currently works as director of a media-related business. He is the author of A Brief Guide to Philosophical Classics and A Brief Guide to Spiritual Classics. He lives in north London with his wife, daughter and two cats.