April 2021 £7.99

ISBN13: 9781786750990
PB - 178 x 121mm
21 full-colour Illustrations

Rights: World
Rights Sold: UK

Market: Travel, Humour, Popular Culture

Rubbish Seaside

by Jack Hurley

Leaden skies, horizontal rain, stodgy demographics and the unmistakable whiff of endemic disappointment – these are the raw materials that make up Jack Hurley’s geographically problematic Rubbish Seaside series.

Drawing on – and then shamelessly corrupting – the utopian, idyllic vistas found in mid-century railway posters, this collection of backhanded love letters to cherished British destinations celebrates their neglected, awful glory.

Come on in – immerse yourself in the full horror of bawling children, drunken ne’er-do-wells and feral hen do’s – the water’s lovely!

Illustrator Jack Hurley is a Leeds-based illustrator who grew up in various lacklustre coastal towns on the south coast and thus knows what he’s talking about. After a thoroughly odd career as a mental health worker, he inexplicably managed to carve out a living with his Rubbish Seaside series of posters and is surprised as you are by all of this. When not upsetting the residents of various UK locales, Hurley can usually be found causing trouble on the internet and shirking his many responsibilities @loudribs.

Rubbish Seaside