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AC/DC: For Those About To Rock
AC/DC: For Those About To Rock
AC/DC: For Those About To Rock
AC/DC: For Those About To Rock
AC/DC: For Those About To Rock

ISBN13: 9781786750624 

HB - 180 x 132mm 

50 two-colour & b&w Illustrations 


Rights: World 

Rights Sold: UK Commonwealth 

Market: Science, Popular Culture


The Traveller's Guide
by Colin Stuart

One day, humans will travel to Mars…​

This book tells you everything you would need to know about a trip to the red planet. From essential preparations for your journey, through to the local climate and landscape, things to do, places to visit and the background, culture and natural history of the latest ‘must-visit’ destination for mankind.​

Activities for your holiday could include anything from sandboarding to hiking up Olympus Mons and from glacier ice trekking to a visit to the magnificent oxygen factories of the Tharsis Bulge.

Also included are special features such as lists of ‘What Not To Miss’, ‘Top Ten Favourite Excursions’, and ‘What To Do On a 2-Day Visit or a 7-Day Visit.’

Author Colin Stuart is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He has written for the Guardian, the Observer, New Scientist, BBC Focus and European Space Agency, among many others. The author of half a dozen books, in 2014 Colin was awarded runner-up in the European Astronomy Journalism Prize

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